Cooking with Craft

You don't have to be a Master Chef to win your way to the Top of the Hops Beer Festival! Submit your very own recipe using your favorite craft beer. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • • Give your recipe a creative name
  • • Recipe Description: In 90 words or less tell us what secrets you believe makes your recipe the Top of the Hops choice. How you made it (ingredients) and ease of preparing.
  • • How did the blend of Craft Beers make your dish better?
  • • What is your favorite Craft Beer and why?

Keep it simple! It doesn't have to be a complicated recipe. Check out Mike DuBord's Chicken Marsalis, prepared with Festival Foods Dad's Chicken breast and Hinterland Beer.

1st Place Grand Prize:

  • • 2 VIP Tickets to food pairing party & Top of the Hops   Festival - $180 value
  • • Festival Foods $100 gift card and a "Variety of feature   Craft Beers Basket"
  • • Overnight Stay at Cambria Suites - $175 value
  • • Y100 Red Solo Cup T-Shirts & can cozies
  • • AND, Y100's Mike DuBord will deliver the Grand Prize   Pack to your home to enjoy your prepared recipe -   Wednesday October 3rd 7:30PM

Two Runners up will win:

  • • 2 General Admission Tickets to Top of Hops Festival -   $70 value
  • • Festival Foods $50 gift card
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Congratulations Ryan Felker! His recipe for "A Wisconsin Tailgater's Heavenly Rib" Recipe won our Cooking with Craft Recipe contest!

A congratulations is also in order for our two runners up: Debbie Kroll with her Beef Brew & Richard Lembcke with his Hinter Dip