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Everyone's Welcome at the Beach House!

The Beach House will have the Y100 Beach Babes and Lots of Prizes! There will be games and prize giveaways from t-shirts to beach gear and much more!!

So stop by and participate in a fun Y100 Game or just sit back and watch the excitement from the sand!

Check out some of the games we'll be playing.

  • Water Balloon Toss - tossing a balloon with a partner while doing different tricks
  • Who Knows You Best - register to bring your best friend, your significant other, and yourself on stage to find out WHO KNOWS YOU BEST! Whoever wins will go backstage with YOU to meet a CUSA artist!
  • Are You Smarter Than a Beach Babe? - just like the tv show, are you smarter than a 5th grader, but we'll make it easier, we're going at the 4th grade level!
  • CUSA Trivia - answer questions about your favorite CUSA artists
  • Wheel of Fortune - just like the tv show
  • Water Bottle Relay - of 4 people on your team, one will be the designated wet person! they will sit with a water bottle on their head while the other three have to fill their party cups with water and fill the bottle in the quickest time! guaranteed to get wet!
  • Fabric Tag - everyone starts off with a piece of fabric in their back pocket, but make sure you protect it! the goal is to steal as many fabrics as possible and add them to your back pocket!
  • Balloon Pop - tie string around your ankle with a balloon attached, the goal is to stomp on everyone's balloon so you're the last one standing!