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Sturgeon Spearing on Lake Winnebago! You've got to see this!

by Randy Allen
If you can't wait for the Sturgeon Spearing Season on Lake Winnebago, check out this documentary called "The Frozen Chosen." For nearly 20 years, Emmy award-winning, Wisconsin filmmaker Steve Boettcher saved clippings about sturgeon spearing, knowing that one day he'd do something about this sport that is so uniquely Wisconsin. He spent two years in sub zero temps and lost two cameras to water and cold to make the aptly named documentary, "The Frozen Chosen." It will make its debut in Fond du Lac on Thursday, Feb. 6, just in time for the opening of Sturgeon Spearing season on Feb. 8, and will air the following week on PBS stations. Details are provided in the attached announcement. This is a well-done, exciting film, but you don't have to take my word for it. You can download the one-hour documentary and view it from this microsite: http://www.fdl.com/frozen/.