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Only 9 golfers in the world have ever done this!

by Randy Allen

If you're a golfer, do you know the meaning of the term albatross? Only 9 golfers in the world have ever done it!

A 39-year-old golfer from Mukilteo, Washington sank a two on a par-5 and a one on a par-3, in the same round.

On the par-5 5th hole, the golfer pulled out his 3-wood for his second shot from 230 yards and watched as his ball headed straight for the flag and into the hole. He pulled off an albatross, which is a double-eagle, or finishing a hole that is a par 5, in two shots.

Two holes later, his day got better. He pulled out a 9-iron on a par 3 and dropped the shot into the cup for a hole-in-one.

How rare is this feat?

The website doubleagleclub.org lists nine golfers who have accomplished the feat of making a double-eagle and a hole-in-one in the same round.