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Slugs in my Hair

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri, A few nights ago I had a dream that I walked inside from being on my porch and noticed that there were slugs in my hair, slime and the whole bit! Totally freaked me out and woke me up. What does this mean?   - Deborah 41, Nashville, TN

Your hair represents your thoughts, your ideas, that which is on your mind. The slugs suggest that something has been bugging you but more specifically, it could be connected to someone you feel is slimy or they could represent that you have been feeling sluggish and down about something. Whatever it is, I'm wondering if it is something you have been keeping to yourself and are internalizing since you went from the outside to the inside. I believe the message of this dream is that in order to get this slimy situation out of your thoughts, you have to be “come out” and be open and honest about it.

Deborah replies:
Wow, that totally makes sense. There is someone whom I've questioned their ethics/morals lately and have been bummed to learn that my intuition was correct. I tell my sister everything, but kept this one pretty close to the vest for two days before I shared a lot of it with her. The whole situation was something that disturbed me waaayyy down inside. Thank you for helping me to understand what the dream represents!

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