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Festival Foods Meat Bag Sale Starts Sunday!

by Mike DuBord


• Festival Foods has a great offer to save you some serious dough this week! 

• Right now, when you shop at your local Festival Foods, you’ll find brown

shopping bags conveniently located in the Meat and Seafood Department.

• All you have to do is fill your bag with as many fresh or frozen meat and seafood 

items as you’d like…and you will get 10% off everything in the bag!

• That means an additional 10% off our sale priced items, like Boneless Pork 

Tender Roasts, Pork Steak or Roasts, Boneless Pork Chops, Fresh Toasted

Crumb Tilapia Fillets, and New York Strip Steaks when you put them in the bag!

• It’s a great opportunity to stock your freezer! 

• So hurry and take advantage of this amazing deal now!

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