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A Great Store Bought Pasty??? I Didn't Think It Was Possible.

by Mike DuBord

So here's a pic of a pasty I made this weekend after returning from Lake Au Train, a beautiful community near the Lake Superior shoreline. Everytime I come back from da Yoop, I get a hankerin and I just have to make a batch. BUT...it's a lot of work and sometimes after a long day at the office (ya right) I want to plant my face into one without having to go through all the work of preparing the dough, potatos, onion, ground beef, ground pork, rutabega AND the batch of beef gravy that Tammy likes on hers.

I NEVER in a million years even considered just buying one from the grocery store, that would simply be a mortal sin for this pasty spoiled Yooper. Tammy, on the other hand decided it would be too time consuming to make a batch of homemade ones so...I GAVE IN!

I still can't believe it but Festival's Pasties are some of the best I've eaten and for this traditional pasty eating Yooper Boy to admit such a thing...well, it's almost embarrasing! We've gone back several times now almost hoping that we'd get a bad batch, so I could convince everyone at the radio station that a GREAT pasty could only come from the U.P. but alas, they're delicious everytime I sink my teeth into one.

I'm thinking about spreading a rumor that Festival Foods has a private plane that flys in Mrs. Eleanor Hintula from Negaunee, to train the kitchen staff on the proper techniques of creating the perfect pasty. Ya, that's it. People will believe that right? Right???