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Remembering The Past

by Chris Hallack

The picture you are looking at is from my own personal collection of many different systems and games that I own. (that system is mint BTW – even smells new when you open it up, and the last time that happened was 6 years ago when this photo was taken and it’s been stored away since.) I could list everything I have, but I'll leave it at this…

I love video games, old and new.

What is a hobby (supported and embraced by my loving wife) of collecting vintage games and systems I grew up with really became a reconnection with my past and a realization how far the video game industry has gone.  All the way from the crash of '83, to the next generation that is just around the corner that already has me waving my wallet saying "take my money!"

Maybe it's remembering standing on your toes at the store looking over the glass counter trying to point at the game you want while promising extra chores to your parents if they bought it, or going over to your friend’s house after school to play Sonic on the Genesis, video games are a part of our lives.

Growing up I remember sleepovers playing NES until two in the morning, then going to bed with the NES still on because there was no such thing as saving, and picking right back up in the morning while trying to shove breakfast down your throat.  Maybe you have memories of playing Halo with your college buddies while pounding Mountain Dew and pizza… What is common is video games, both old and new, are a part of our lives, creating memories of joy when we complete the mission, or frustration as we try "one more time" - five tries later, to finally beat that boss.

So as we get ready to welcome in a new generation of future memories from Microsoft and Sony and figure out which direction we want to go in, just remember, we all do it for the love of the game, and to be able to share that experience with others.. regardless if is the hottest game to drop, or a sweet score on an old mint in box something you've been looking for so you can plug it in, call your buddies, and have a great evening of new memories, all while remembering the old.