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It’s Just a Baseball!

by Nick Vitrano

I have been fortunate in my lifetime to leave several professional baseball games with a round little souvenir, and each carries with it a story, a special page in my pastime paperback.  And as much as I cherish those memories, crystal as they may be, I feel like I carry some solid perspective…IT’S JUST A BASEBALL!

I never cease to be amazed by the lengths people will go for a baseball.  Tuesday’s NL Wild Card elimination saw not one, but two knobs interfere with balls in play.  Last week, this lady ripped a ball from the innocent hands of a little girl. 

And those are just d-bag moves.  It doesn’t stop there. 

Too often somebody tumbles over a railing, sometimes to his death, in an inexplicable quest for that elusive baseball.  And I know people are saying “It doesn’t happen that often, Nick, geeze relax!”  Well…one person over a railing is one too many.  You know why?  Because IT’S JUST A BASEBALL. 

We errantly treat the symptom - raising railing heights, reinforcing protective glass, employing more security staff - instead of curing the problem.  Easier said than done, for curing the problem is the problem.  The problem is incurable.  No matter the height, no matter the warning signs posted...people lose all sense in the presence of a baseball formerly in play (and sometimes in the presence of a baseball still in play).

I don’t get it.  It’s just a baseball.