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Great baseball card, revisited

by Nick Vitrano

Today, May 24th, marks the anniversary of the first night game ever played in Major League Baseball.  On this date in 1935, the Reds beat the Phillies 2-1, pouring the foundation for the pastime as we know it today.  The Chicago Cubs were the last in on that action, and still play the fewest night games of any team in the MLB.  I remember when Wrigley finally succumbed, not because I possess some goofy trivia brain, but because Score published an awesome baseball card commemorating the evening:

I haven’t bought a pack of cards in a long time, but there was nothing more exciting (as an 11-year-old) as peeling back the layers of a wax pack to unearth…ANOTHER RICKY JORDAN!  What the heck?  I have, like, 100 of these:

Do card companies today still do the commemorative cards, like the “First Night Game” card?