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Gold Jacket, Green Jacket...

by Nick Vitrano

Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups 2" opened pretty strong at the box office this weekend.  I didn't go to see it…likely won't...but that's a consequence of movie prices, nothing more.  I'm not one of those "If you've seen one Sandler movie, you've seen them all" kind of people.  I don't live and die by his cinema offerings, but I genuinely enjoy his movies.  Sure they're all pretty similar in terms of the creativity of the comedy, but hey, it works.  Why change it? 

“Billy Madison” is my personal favorite.  “The Wedding Singer” is a close second.  Sandler’s role in “Airheads” is very underrated, as is the flick “Mr. Deeds.”  And of course, “Happy Gilmore.”  Oh, Happy – so many good lines and scenes in that one.  I don’t know a single guy who has attempted real golf that hasn’t attempted the Happy Gilmore run up.  And apparently, “real” golfers are not exempt from that either: