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Bring out your dead...

by Nick Vitrano

Welcome to the dead zone.  The NHL has wrapped up and we have officially placed our AAs into the charger and plugged it into the wall.  Oh wait, the NBA draft is Thursday night.  I forgot.  (cue the rim shot)  LOL…that’s good stuff. 

So yeah, the diseased period is upon us.  We find other things to do with our evenings and afternoons.  For baseball freaks like me, it marks a more pointed, focused dedication to the pastime.  Speculation, which is basically sports fan paranoia, tends to more firmly grip us in these days before the NFL again ramps up.  It’s a bizarre time in the sports calendar, but a fun time in sports talk radio.

I always regard this next three weeks as a true gauge of a sports talk radio show’s or host’s effectiveness.  Granted, this is a vacation-rich time for the profession, for good reason, but as both a fan and an employee of the medium, I regard this as a critical time.  It challenges an individual’s creativity.  It requires added focus to the craft of communicating.

If a host can pull off an entertaining show right now, he’s gonna be dynamite when the tree is ripe with fruit.  A lot of folks can catch fish in the deep end.  The really good ones still reel ‘em in when the tide recedes.