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Is it time?

by Jason Miller

I will start this off by saying that I was the one on Youtube who burned his Favre jersey because he went back on his retirement, then forced a trade, which ultimately put him in Minnesota.  Am I bitter, some would say yes, I say I'm faithful to a fault.  He was my guy, from 92 on, Brett Favre was the best thing since sliced bread.  I smiled with him as he helped the team I love win a Super Bowl, I cried with him when he retired and I also felt betrayed when he un-retired just to stick it to the Packers organization for having the nerve to move on.  Now was I almost in his court when he led that purple team to the NFC Championship game...NO.  I had burned his jersey's already.  But here lies the question I and many other Packer fans need to come to grips with.  Do we let him back in the family?

Right now Uncle Mark(Murphy) and Cousin Aaron(Rodgers) seem to be telling us that we should just let it go and welcome him back to the family.  So, do I crumble to their wishes or do I stick to MY ways, wait for an apology and then it's hug, hug, time?  I guess my answer is this...If cousin Aaron wants him back in then I guess I do to.  With a ya but.  I need Favre to show some humility and some regret in his actions.  He doesn't need to say he's sorry but just show it in his actions.  Will I go out and buy another Favre Packer jersey when they make them again after he retires as a Packer....Hell NO!!

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