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Calvin Johnson is out for today

by Jason Miller

As I am sitting up here in the press box the main topic of conversation is that Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson is out for today's game.  I am scratching my head at this one and can only come up with one conclusion, his knee is bad.  He was out running around on the field testing his knee and looked to be running a swell as everyone else.  The Lions going into this game have the opportunity to go 3-0 in the division and 4-1 overall with a win today.  Does Johnson being out guarantee a Packer win, NO, but it sure makes the ability to win this game much more obtainable.  With Johnson out, Bush becomes the main focus of the Lions Offense.  Now don't get me wrong, Bush out of the backfield and lining up in the slot can and will create havoc for the Packers D.  But when you can focus your whole game plan to one guy, it makes things a bit easier.  I pick the Packers to win this one, 38-20.  But don't let this game fool you, when they play in Detroit on Thanksgiving, this will be a different game when Calvin plays in that one.