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The Real Russia :: What it's Like at the Games - Attack of the Russian Supermodels

by Mary Kay Wright

Attack of the Russian Supermodels

There is a common stereotype that Russian women are very beautiful – unfortunately for us female travelers (or fortunately for male ones), this is absolutely true.  I am not exaggerating when I say that the streets of Moscow are overflowing with tall, slim supermodel types. It’s enough to give the most confident of women an inferiority complex.  I’m sure Sochi tourists will soon discover this too when they are done being distracted by the reported “unattractive” condition of hotel rooms.

To make matters even worse, not only do Russians look like supermodels – they also dress like them!  Young women won’t step out the door unless their hair and makeup are perfectly done combined with a perfectly matched outfit.  It doesn’t matter if they are heading to a club or just running to the grocery store – everyone is stylish.

And don’t expect to see Moscow women wearing flats –high heels are a mandatory part of their fashion uniform.  Even when the streets are covered with snow and ice you still see them but in this case they switch to high heeled boots.

I was so happy I learned “how to dress” and the importance of blending in before traveling.  When in Russia, look and act Russian.  Wear black, wear heels and have your lipstick ready. 

And even though Sochi visitors are in an atmosphere geared toward world tourists it sounds like most of their fellow spectators are Russian citizens so when leaving the Olympic village – the same rules apply.