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WOW! Brad & Kimberly got ripped off! How sad!

by Randy Allen

Country music superstar Brad Paisley and his actress wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley were duped by a con artist pretending to be the mother of a little girl dying of cancer.

The celebrity couple spent 10 days emailing, texting and singing to a girl named Claire who (they thought) had deadly brain cancer.

Nightline segment shows that a slew of other celebrities were also victims of the hoax which began with the woman saying that her daughter begged her to get in touch with Mrs. Paisley.

Kimberly says the hoax was convincing because it didn't initially ask for anything or seem all that interested in her as a celebrity.

However they became suspicious when the mother refused to give them an address where they could send flowers after the girl supposedly “died.”


 The woman used photographs plucked from a website of an actual little girl dying of neuroblastoma.

Brad Paisley says, 'That's the sickest part about this to me. That is the part that when I start to talk about that, that's when I get really mad. That there were real kids, that there were real photos involved.'

Nightline also describes a laundry list of other celebrities who fell into the hoax: reality star Kate Gosselin, Wipeout gameshow hosts John Henson and Jill Wagner, some Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and singer Natalie Grant, and the band Little Big Town.

They also tell their story of tracking down to the woman behind the hoax to a campground in Wyoming.