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This should make every parent mad!

by Randy Allen

Give me a break!  Did the school make the right decision or is it the parents fault?

A Salt Lake City elementary school is under fire for throwing away 40 students’ lunches because their parents were behind on payments.

The kids had already filled up their trays and were at the payment counter when staff told them their parents were in debt.

They took their trays, threw the food away, and gave the children a piece of fruit and milk for lunch instead.

One parent owed just $4 and the school didn’t tell him they were behind. One parent was behind just $2.

School authorities said they tried to get a hold of delinquent parents for two days before finally taking control and not allowing the kids to get lunch.

 Many parents say it was humiliating and traumatic for their grade-school kids. The school posted a lengthy explanation and apology on their Facebook page.