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Strange but true love story!

by Randy Allen

When you think you've heard it all, along comes this love story about love and guns.

A man accidentally shot a woman while hunting deer in the woods of LaFayette, Georgia, and now they are officially in love.

The two friends were spending time together when the guy saw a pack of deer across the street and decided to hunt them down.

The young woman stayed behind but later went to find him after she thought she heard him calling her name.

He heard rustling and saw some movement behind the trees, and that’s when he shot her in the leg.

He wrapped her wound with his jacket and waited for days for her to wake up in the hospital.

When she woke up, he read a letter that explained how much he cared for her, and they officially became a couple.

In spite of their happy ending, the man was arrested for firing a gun within 150 feet of road and she may have to have her leg amputated if it becomes infected.