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Socks with sandals? Really?

by Randy Allen

Is this the new fashion trend? I wore a pair of socks with my sandals last summer and my wife said they never go together. Do you wear socks with sandals? Read on my friend.

This season, the trend is suddenly being embraced by celebs and fashion insiders who are pairing Birkenstocks, clogs and even open-toed high-heel sandals with ankle-length socks.

Designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore matching black and gold Birkenstock sandals with white socks while walking through an airport and fashion editors are pairing metallic and bejeweled Birkenstocks with scrunched heather gray socks.

The trend is a sign that the ripple caused by Cline's spring 2013 "furkenstock" still has plenty of momentum, and that quirky footwear choice may be here to stay.