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Remember the 20 best smells from your childhood?

by Randy Allen

This really brought back some memories!  Did it do the same for you?

1. A Fresh Box of Crayons
2. Worms in Dirt
3. Freshly Mowed Grass
4. New Books
5. Play-Doh Underneath Your Fingernails
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies Baking on a Rainy Afternoon
7. Grandma’s House on Thanksgiving
8. Swimming Pools
9. Bonfires on a Crisp Autumn Evening
10. Wet Pavement
11. Grilling on a Hot Summer Afternoon
12. Sparklers on the Fourth of July
13. Warm, Gooey Brownies
14. Band-Aids from the Nurse’s Office
15. Popcorn on Movie Night
16. Birthday Candles
17. Smelly Markers
18. Spicy Apple Cider Mulling in Fall
19. Goldfish Food
20. Anything Scratch-and-Sniff