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Is it a myth or reality?

by Randy Allen

My daughter would say it's true, while me son says it's only a myth!  What do you think?

Seventeen magazine introduced The Freshman 15 in its 1989 August cover for the weight college freshmen gain, but researchers say it may all be a myth.

Studies claim college students -- male and female -- gain weight during their first year at college but it's more like five pounds than 15.

One study found college men and woman gained about 3 pounds during freshman year. Fewer than 10 percent of the freshmen gained 15 pounds and a quarter of the students lost weight in their first year.

The study also found that students slowly gained weight while at college. For women, the difference between the first day of school and graduation was 7 to 9 pounds; for men, it was about 12 pounds.

The researchers found only one constant in the college weight gain: students who drank six or more drinks at least four days each month were a pound heavier than those who didn't binge drink.

But college freshmen were only a half-pound heavier than their non-collegiate peers, which leads to the conclusion that the weight gain for most college freshmen might be due to them still growing.