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How could you do this to your baby?

by Randy Allen

This is one of the strangest baby stories I've ever heard about!  Is this mother playing with danger for not bathing her son?

A Massachusetts mother admitted that she only bathes her three-month-old son once a week, and she's sparked a fierce parenting debate.

The 32-year-old part-time blogger wrote a blog post titled 'Do You Actually Need to Bathe Baby'.  The mother-of-three defended her parenting, explaining, “I aim for once a week. It might not happen. I will confess, it has gone longer than a week. . ."

She added, “It can be a good 10 days, but if you met my baby and held him, you'd probably think he smells as amazing as I do.”

She also says that a bath every evening was a routine with her first child, now five years old, but since then she finds she no longer has the time.