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Driving with Flip Flops

by Randy Allen

A study has found that flip-flops are responsible for up to 1.4 million near misses or accidents on the roads every year, with one in nine motorists getting one stuck under a pedal.

Research shows that for women, flip-flops are even more dangerous to drive in than high heels, as they make it more difficult to brake effectively.

The studies found they made reducing speed up to 0.13 seconds slower – that is the equivalent of traveling a further 3.5 miles at 60mph.

Moving a foot between the brake and accelerator pedals took 0.04 seconds in flip flops – twice as slow as the 0.02 seconds recorded in wedge heels. 

This may help explain why some 36 percent of women carry a pair of driving shoes in the car, against just 12 percent of men.