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Aren't we all afraid of something?

by Randy Allen

In reality, aren't we all afraid of something?  Here's the top 10 list of phobia's you are most likely to have.  See the one your're afraid of listed here?

1. Glossophobia -- the fear of public speaking.

2. Necrophobia -- the fear of death or dying.

3. Arachnophobia -- the fear of spiders.

4. Myctophobia -- the fear of darkness.

5. Acrophobia -- the fear of heights.

6. Sociophobia -- the fear of socializing or being in a crowded place.

7. Aerophobia -- the fear of flying.

8. Claustrophobia -- the fear of confined spaces.

9. Agoraphobia -- the fear of being unable to escape an open place.

10. Brontophobia -- the fear of thunder and lightning.