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Another HUGE family feud.

by Randy Allen

Another HUGE family feud for the Judds!  Why can't they just get along?

Last month, country singer Wynonna Judd admitted to placing a tracking device on a car owned by her sister, Ashley Judd.  Actress Ashley told  police that her sister was the culperit due to an apparent ongoing custody dispute. 

Now a new report from the National Enquirer says Ashley actually won custody of Wynonna's daughter. 

According to the tabloid, Wynonna lost custody temporarily of her 17-year-old daughter, Grace, to Ashley after the country star and her daughter had clashed for years and the teen went to Ashley for help. Now Wynonna is angry at her sister for taking her daughter's side. 

According to an insdier, “Wynonna is furious that Ash­ley has poked her nose where it doesn’t belong!”

“She says that Ashley has ‘stolen’ her daughter, and Wynonna is spying on Grace because she wants her back home.”