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Team of doctors not just one

by Nikki Montgomery

Thursday we were getting packed up and ready to leave for Country Fest when my phone rang. I recognized the phone number as Ministry Medical Group so I answered. The voice on the other end of the phone introduced herself as Dr. Jamison's nurse. She told me that Dr. Jamison reviewed our ultrasound she didn't want us to be alarmed, but they didn't get all the measurements they need to make sure the babies are okay. The nurse asked me to make another ultrasound appointment right away. I mentioned that we already have one scheduled for July 11th, but she said we should really get in this week so we have another ultrasound this Wednesday.

I knew the tech didn't get all the measurements she needed, but I wasn't too concerned about it until this nurse called. Now I'm a little worried. The missing measurements were the palates on both babies, one spine and a few other things. The palate measurement is very important because cleft palates require surgery or baby can have issues eating, hearing problems, dental problems and speech problems. The spine is important for obvious reasons. At least I know that these measurements are just missed and they didn't spot something wrong.

I'm glad that at Ministry Medical Group and Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital the doctors all work together. Dr. Boehm saw my ultrasound and said we could schedule the second ultrasound anytime in the next two weeks, but Dr. Jamison reviewed it too and she felt it was important to come in sooner. I like that my ultrasound didn't just stop at one doctor.