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Ted talks draft

by Mark Daniels

Green Bay Packers General Manager Ted Thompson held his annual pre-NFL draft news conference this afternoon at Lambeau Field. The 25 minute session was very much like the previous nine media get togethers, not very revealing but still interesting. What struck me today was Thompson's appearance. After staying home for the NFL owners' meeting earlier this spring because of a reported illness, Thompson walked to the podium, turned right around and headed off stage. When he returned, he said he had to get rid of a cough drop. While he said he was feeling fine when asked, the GM did pause and turn away after the first question to clear his throat, saying, "I had a rush, there." Not to make too much of it but Thompson didn't look like himself today.

A week from tonight, Ted will direct his 10th Packers draft as GM, armed with 9 picks in the 7 rounds including the 21st overall. I've compiled a couple of highlights from the press conference which began with a question of how he likes having the NFL draft pushed back a couple of weeks this year to May 8-10:

Audio: Ted Thompson.

Starting Monday on most Midwest radio stations, I'l launch my 8 part Draft Preview Series, taking a look at the Packer needs and the top college prospects. Episodes will run each morning and afternoon Monday through Thursday, leading up to complete, round by round coverage of the draft itself.