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Hardly killing time

by Mark Daniels

There was a reason to come out west in advance of tomorrow's NFL opener between the Packers and the 49ers.     The team arrives this evening and I'll get busier then, but most of the day allowed me to take in the breathtaking beauty of this area.   A late summer heat wave rolled in, brilliant sunshine baked the coast into the upper 80's.  I hopped into my rented Mazda wagon and went for a ride.  Leaving my San Carlos hotel, I headed south and decided to cut across the peninsula from the bay side to the ocean on state highway 84.   It is an incredibly winding road uphill for the first 15 miles, cutting through vast forest and a only a couple of small towns.  It struck me how many bicyclists there were, by the dozens, peddaling underneath the canopy of forests and canyons of roadway.  There were only a couple of small towns on the trip, Woodside, and La Honda where I came across a restaurant with a very familiar name.

No sign of Arlo Guthrie however.

It was another 20 miles to Highway 1 which runs along the Pacific coast but when I got there, the San Gregorio State Beach was beckoning.   Instead of heading down to the water to dip my toes into the ocean, I hiked up a bluff.   From there, well, they call it a vista for good reason.

Unbelievable views, and for miles.   Heading north up highway 1, you drive through towns of Half Moon Bay and Pacifica before rolling into San Francisco.  I drove past Mike Holmgren's old high school, Lincoln High, where hwe attended and later taught, coaching football was actually a second vocation for a while.   Into Golden Gate park and then back toward's downtown.   I couldn't resist a visit to one of the most famous (and infamous) neighborhoods in the city.

The hippies and love children were still out in force in a bustling neighborhood of odd shops and eateries.   Finally worked my way back south of downtown to San Carlos to pen my Saturday travelogue.  The Packers are due in shortly and I'll cover their arrival.   The sights were fantastic, I hope the game matches it tomorrow.