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A high "T" day

by Mark Daniels

I know I'm in the target audience but the bombardment of male performance, enhancement and higher energy level advertisements is getting a bit much. They're all designed to get you thinking about upping your level of testosterone to the good old teenage years. Sure, there are days that are "low T", but that wasn't the case on Ray Nitschke Field today. It was one wild, high T afternoon.

The Green Bay Packers apparently got good and riled up by the coaching staff during the morning meetings and when they padded up and went after it at training camp, the testosterone raged, energy levels soared and tempers flared. There were no less than four scuffles including an epic scrape between Jamari Lattimore and Josh Sitton. It came during what's called the combo drill. It's a high intensity, smash mouth drill with half an offensive line against a defensive line, linebackers and sometimes safeties. It's purely a macho, run the ball drill designed for high impact collisions and man to man wrestling. Offensive and defensive players gather behind their respective lines of scrimmage and you could hear it getting vocally charged after each successive rep. When Lattimore and Sitton kept battling after the whistle, the donnybrook was on. Everyone piled in and it took several minutes to untangle. I snapped this shot from the sidelines just as the melee was calming down.

It wasn't just the players either. Offensive line coach James Campen and linebackers coach Winston Moss went chest to chest at full volume with veins popping. The intensity edge remained sharp into the next couple of periods with more traditional one on one dust-ups where teammates had to pry the combatants apart.

After practice, Head Coach Mike McCarthy talked about what was planned to be the last, high energy, hard hitting practice of the entire camp and sometimes, fights, even brawls are the result;

Audio: Mike McCarthy.

Inside the locker room, Josh Sitton, no stranger to the role of policeman, became one of the participants in the biggest brawl of the summer.

Audio: Josh Sitton.

As for the practice itself, Jordy Nelson returned but still on a limited basis after suffering a hamstring pull last Friday. Scott Tolzien threw a couple of bad picks working with the number two offense. He telegraphed an inside hook route to Alex Gillett that Sean Richardson stepped in front of for his third interception of camp. Later, a soft flare to the left toward a running back was intercepted by linebacker Adrian Hubbard who juggled the ball for several steps before reeling it in. Both picks would have resulted in touchdowns in a game.

General Manager Ted Thompson held his weekly session with the media today, not long after trading Jerel Worthy to the New England Patriots. The Packers would reportedly receive a 7th round pick if Worthy passes a physical and makes the 53 man roster. The Michigan State defensive lineman was a second round pick only three years ago, the 51st overall choice. Thompson even traded up to get him. It just didn't work out. An ACL tear late in his rookie season cost him almost his entire second season. Then, just before this summer's camp began, he aggravated a disc in his back while weight training and never did get on the practice field. Thompson would not address the trade specifically but did talk about dealing with the disappointment of a draft pick, a high one at that, which doesn't pan out.

Audio: Ted Thompson.

No public practice on Thursday, the team will have a brisk walk through Friday before heading to St. Louis to meet the Rams in dress rehearsal number two Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM.