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Return of the Sequel

by Robb Reel

It's already been a year of sequels -- A Good Day to Die HardG.I.Joe: Retaliation, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Scary Movie V -- two more opening this Memorial Day weekend.  By all accounts, Fast & Furious 6 will more than double The Hangover Part III at the box office.  Look for a truckload more sequels to hit a multiplex near you between now and Anchorman 2.

This past weekend also represents a big anniversary for one of the all-time great sequels.  Return of the Jedi opened May 25, 1983.  I was one of those crazies at a midnight showing 30 years ago ... and still made it to school later that day.  As you enjoy a few tidbits about the movie that brought us so much greatness -- and, unfortunately, the Ewoks -- know this:

The $252.6 million the film nabbed in its initial run is pretty lofty, but the constant-dollars adjustment to today's money equals nearly $600 million.

A Force to be reckoned with indeed.