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Arnold signs on for Terminator 5!

by Matty D

Remember the Terminator Salvation?  I thought it was a decent movie, but others do not agree with me on most movies!  I find it fascinating that they can keep the script going this long and tie every single movie in with each other! Don't get me wrong.. I love a movie that completely jumps around with plots like The Hangover's and Fast and Furious series.

Arnold was caught saying “[I’m open to] all those things, if it’s True LiesTerminator, a well-made Terminator… the last one was awful"

He does have about 5 movies lined up for the future including Triplets (Twins Sequel.)

No word that I have heard so far on The Expendables 3,  but here he is commenting on how he would feel about it.

Do you like him better in Politics or Movies?