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Maxim meets HGTV

by Rat

First off, let me admit to my HGTV addiction. Normally being a fan of a network just means you are going to waste a bunch of time watching shows. The problem with HGTV is you start to think some of these projects are easy. Trust me, if Mike Holmes or Chip Wade were my neighbors, I would annoy the living crap out of them.  For instance, recently I decided it was time to replace my leaky kitchen faucet. Having no plumbing experience I turned to the experts on youtube. Now, I have heard the phrase "sex sells" but I don't know that it helps with home improvement projects. Check out the video that comes up from EyeHandy. P.S. It took her a couple of minutes to replace the faucet. It took me two days. Maybe I shouldn't have worn the cutoff shorts and bikini top.