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Kindleberger 5K with a new course and new hills

by Michael Louden

Today was the Kindleberger 5K run in Parchment.  It was a cool morning, but the humidity was starting to be felt more in the air.  I learned the course had changed from what it has been the past two years.  All I thought of was no more hill right after the first mile.  Yay!  

We started the race at 8:30 am and we were off, however as soon as we started I could tell my legs were not feeling it today.  I had run too many days in a row as today was the 7th day I had run in a row instead of being my 6th.  My first mile was a little slower at 6:17 when I have usually been running around 6:00 for my first mile.  However I thought this may work out fine and I can keep my mile times more consistent.  I tried keeping my eye on my fellow friend and runner Brandon VanDusen.  I was cruising through the second mile and the distance between us was closing.

Now the first two miles were flat, but then the third mile hit and we had a slight incline for about a quarter mile and then a downhill to Riverview Drive.  Then I saw the uphill climb I was facing coming in Kindleberger Park and the two hills were slightly steep.  By this time all the running I had done over the past week without a rest was catching up to me, but I ran up those hills (seemed like a slow crawl) and I was a couple of seconds behind Brandon.  I got to the top and I was gassed and Brandon pulled away from me, but I managed to come across the line with a time of 20:22.  

I know next time to take a rest day leading up to a race.  I also preferred last year's course (even though my time was faster this year) where the hill was just after the first mile.  The whole first mile was downhill and then after the medium sized hill their were only a few rolling hills in the last two miles that were easy to navigate.  It was still a great race though even with the course change.

The shirts they gave out were cool.  I liked the design and plus it is a tech tee and great to wear while running.  I have an immense collection of running shirts in my closet. 

I also got first in my age group today, another victory in my age group this year.

Next up for me is the Ready or Not 5K in Otsego on Saturday August 3rd.

To see the full results of the race click on the link below.

Kindleberger 5K