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Calorie Killer!

by Mark Evans

Like everyone else, when I work out I'm looking for the maximum calorie burn to go with any strength and balance training.  I've discovered something that fires your body's ability to burn a high amount of calories, while at the same time not draining you of all your extra energy.

Called "Blasts," its a run/walk combination you can utilize either on a treadmill - or my favorite- the Lake Walk in Duluth's Canal Park.

Simply put, you're pushing your body as hard as possible for 60 seconds - then recovering for 90 seconds - then "Blasting" another minute until you've reached your desired result.


Crank up your speed to as fast as you can sprint and be safe - I shoot for around 6.5 mph.  Sprint all out, like you're a Chicken and Col. Sanders is whippin' up those 11 Herbs and Spices!!  After 60 seconds, power down to a casual walk - around 3.5 mph and recover for 90 seconds.  Rinse...repeat for as many as you can.  By the 4th or 5th "Blast" you see your calorie burn start to kick in to high gear (provided you're wearing your heart monitor, like you should be for all workouts.)


Pick a spot up the trail or path and sprint all-out until you arrive.  Power down and walk until you've taken 90 steps at a medium walking pace; and the fire it up again.  Repeat as many times as you can, making sure you find some hills to traverse while you're out.

Your calorie burn will surprise you, and will increase as your workout goes along.  As with any exercise keep in mind that the more you do this the more tuned up your body gets the more efficient you'll become so you'll have to run more and more.  Which, like me, you'll grow to LOVE!!