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3 Easy Tips to Help Lose Weight

by Corey Carter

3 Tips that I try to incorporate as much as possible into my daily routine...(key word is "TRY")

1-Start EVERY day with a 16-20oz glass of water as the very first thing you consume.   (This has been linked to helping "wake-up" your metabolism...and your body is THIRSTY when you first wake up.  Imaging going thru the middle of the day 6-8 hours without drinking anything...you'd be THIRSTY.)

2-Break a sweat BEFORE you go to work every day.  This is tough if you're not a morning person, but there have been studies done that says you are WAAAAAY more productive during your day at work if you start the day with some sort of a workout.

3-Get a good night's sleep.  When your body is rested, it's MUCH more efficient at burning calories AND you'll have much more energy to get a good workout in!