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The food industry would really appreciate it if you'd stop eating healthy. Thank you.

by Otis Day

As Americans become more aware and educated about healthy food choices, the more the food industry may be in trouble.

A group of governmental organizations (called IWG) got together and analyzed the marketing of food towards children. They came up with some guidelines that foods advertised to children must "contain at least 50% by weight one or more of the following: fruit; vegetable; whole grain; fat-free or low-fat milk or yogurt; fish; extra lean meat or poultry; eggs; nuts and seeds; or beans."

In a letter to the FTC, the folks at General Mills pointed out that under those guidelines, the most commonly consumed foods in the US would be considered unhealthy. They said, "of the 100 most commonly consumed foods and beverages in America, 88 would fail the IWG's proposed standards."

According to General Mills, if everyone in the US started eating healthy, it would cost the food industry $503 billion per year!

But revamping the food environment will also cost you money.

If the average American switched to the IWG diet would increase their food spending by $1,632 a year. 

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