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Don't put your bread in the fridge (and other food storage tips you may be messing up)

by Otis Day

How do you know which foods youre supposed to put in your fridge, your freezer or your pantry? Heres some important food storage tips you might not realize:

Eggs - They belong in the fridge, but you should specifically keep them in the back of the fridge - not in the door. Those egg indents in your door arent good for them because they need to stay consistently cool.

Butter - Your daily use butter can stay out on the table or in the fridge but for long term storage keep it in the freezer. Keep it wrapped or it will absorb other smells.

Yogurt - Keep it in the fridge, it needs to stay cold.

Cheese - Be sure you keep air out of your zip-lock, cheese bags and keep them in your fridge.

Bread - For daily use you can keep your bread out in your pantry or on the table, but if youre trying to save it keep it in your freezer. Putting it in your fridge actually makes it go stale faster.

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