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Ho Ho! Ho Ho's are back, too!

by Ken Lanphear

While much of the hub and bub of the return of Twinkies to supermarket shelves has faded a bit, tru die hard fans of the revived brand are watching with eager eyes...and stomachs...for the return of the other treats we have known and loved.

As for myself, well I have been a die hard fan of Ho Ho's since I was a kid.  Twinkies are fine, but I've never been a big fan.  I've always loved the chocolate cake and crème filled roll-up Ho Ho's.  I remember when I was a kid this treat came wrapped in foil and I used to hang on to the foil, collect it and make a giant foil ball out of it until I realized, well, it wasn't really of much use.  Recent years have seen the treat housed in plastic wrappers, but still the same treat I enjoyed right up to the time they disappeared from store shelves earlier this year.

Patient awaiting their return, I was pleasantly surprised to find them back on the store shelves at my favorite Meijer!  I even had my wife take a picture to record the historic moment.  Taking a box home, I braced for the moment of truth...would they taste the same as before?

And, the answer is...


Pretty close.

Actually, they taste a little closer to the cheaper Little Debbie product, which is a fine product, but my choice has always been Ho Ho's.

So, that's my food research for the week.

I may need to sample several more boxes before making a final decision.