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What does Rodney Atkins enjoy doing in his spare time?

by Paul Heling

Rodney Atkins is not only a successful country artist, but also an avid outdoorsman. From his early days with his father, he recalls going quail hunting. This turned into a Saturday tradition of getting up early and hunting grouse and quail.

Atkins tells USA Today that even while on tour, he finds time to take a break hunt and fish. Atkins specifically enjoys these activities with his son. His favorite experiences include watching his son get his buck to watching him real in a large-mouth bass. He writes about experiences with his son in his #1 hit Watching You.

Atkins often writes about his family which he embraces after being adopted. He has six No. 1 hits.

Check out more photos of Rodney Atkins at the Outagamie County Fair in 2013 with Y100.

Photo Credit: Midwest Commutations Inc.