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Wednesday Morning Update From Country USA on Parking & Camping

by Paul Heling


First Campers : Well, we managed to get 95% of all our campers checked in and on our grounds. With the terrible ground conditions we had considered camping people in different areas of Oshkosh but changed our minds for two reasons- City/county ordinances dont allow it, but, even if they did, we assumed most of our campers would want to be in walking distance on the grounds. You may not be where you prefer to be, and your site is more than likely wet but we are sincerely trying to do the best in an extreme situation and appreciate your patience.

Towing: Camperswe will tow you in once, and tow you out once for free. Any other tow you will have to pay directly to the towing company which is $50. We want to discourage any campers from leaving the grounds as it continually deteriorates the roads.

Next Parking : We are checking our lots continuous but still have not made the decision weather or not we will be able to park on grounds. Yes, we know the shuttle system is not ideal. We had 50 buses running last night and we are working on getting as many more as we can tonight if we have to shuttle. We understand this is not easy for you and Im sure it is frustrating. We are equally frustrated and continually try to do anything within our power to make this as smooth as we can, but again we cannot control the weather.

Please keep in mind the ticketing staff on the ticket lines dont have any more information that what we have just posted. Any camping issues, please go to campers check in.

Again, we will update any new information on FB, or Website and Y100

OKenough gloomfrom the looks of the crowds leaving the grounds our Country Fans showed up in record numbers. We heard wonderful singing and chanting USA as you exited the main gate from shakin' it with Luke Bryan. Please, please keep the American/Country spirit as we do our best for our fans.