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How Thursdays Headliner Got Discovered... Is This Normal?

by Paul Heling

Gary Allan has been involved with music since the age of twelve. He would play in smoky bars with his fathers band. This led him to follow in his fathers footsteps and Allan started his own band. Hedidn'thave instant success like some other artists. He spent most of his twenties honing hisskills.

Allan tells Nu Country of his time spent selling cars, and how this actually landed him his first record deal. A wealthy couple found Allan's demo tape in their glove box and gave it a listen. Allan says the couple came in to get their truck washed, asked who was singing on the tape and what it would take for them to have a singing career. Allan told the couple that money was the issue. The couple said they would pay him the amount he needed to get started.

The husband wrote Allan a check for $12,000. Six weeks later he moved to Nashville, landed his first record deal, and was able to pay back the wealthy couple.

Allan currently has nine studio albums.

Read the full interview here .

Here's a shot from the last time Gary Allan was in Northeast Wisconsin at the Resch Center with Y100. See our full gallery of photos from that show.

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