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How old was Randy Houser when he fronted his first band?

by Paul Heling

Randy Houser has had a passion for music even at a young age. All Music reports that by the age of 13 Houser was already fronting various bands. Throughout high school he played many local gigs, not many teenagers can say thats how they spent their high school career.

As Houser grew older, he realized that music also has financial benefits. He formed a local band, 10Ib Biscuit and later moved to Nashville and started writing songs for various artists. Houser wrote Honky Tonk Badonkadonk for Trace Adkins in 2005, which peaked at #2 on Us Hot Country songs. Due to this success, Houser decided to focus on the performing side of music and has been growing in popularity ever since with his second single Boots On (2009) peaking at #2.

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Photo Credit: Midwest Communications Inc.