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How many record deals has Joe Nichols actually had?

by Paul Heling

Joe Nichols actually had multiple record deals before ever producing a successful single or album. His first record label dropped him after his first single did poorly. His second record-deal was short lived and never produced a single or an album.

However, in 1999, Nichols landed a record deal with Universal South Records (becoming Show Dog-Universal Music in 2009). He was much more successful under this label producing No. 1 hits such as Brokenheartsville, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off, and Gimmie That Girl.

In 2012 Nichols, left Show Dog-Universal and signed to Red Bow Records. It was time for a new chapter of his life and this was the starting point. Nichols felt held back in the past (mainly due to himself) but with Red Bow he was able to produce what he has always wanted.

His recent singles include Sunny and 75 and Yeah from his eighth studio album Crickets .

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