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How did Jon Pardi earn money while living in Nashville?

by Paul Heling

Jon Pardi got his start in music early on. Pardi was in a music class and asked for guitar lessons so he could sing like the artists he looked up. He says he was always more interested in music than sports or homework.

By age 12 Pardi was writing songs and by age 14 he was playing them in a band. He knew since he was 19 that he would end up moving to Nashville. When the time came he took his dog, PA system, and the $7,000 he saved. This of course didnt last long, so Pardi took life guard training to earn money.

18 months after moving, he landed a publishing deal. He continued to write songs and make music for himself. He knew what he wanted to sound like, so making his demos and recording them was a great experience. Pardi continues to climb the charts with his catchy and relate-able tunes.

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Photo Credit: Midwest Communications Inc.