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Did Luke Bryan's dad fire him?

by Paul Heling

If it wasn't for the extreme support of Luke Bryan's family, his life may have turned out extremely different. Instead of playing in front of thousands of people every night, he could be running the family business, a peanut farm, for a living.

Hilton Head Magazine states that Bryan originally wanted to move to Nashville after high school, but he lost his greatest fan, his brother, in a car accident. After that, Bryan decided to stay home and go to college and continue the family business.

However, his father had other plans. Bryan's dad knew that Luke's heart was in music. He told Luke that if he didn't quit the family business, he would fire him. Luke then moved to Nashville in 2001, working his way up to where he is today. The Daily Tribune reports that Bryan currently has three number one albums and twelve top five singles of his own, among many awards.

Here is a shot from Luke Bryan's last visit to the Resch Center, photos can be viewed here .

Photo Credit: Midwest Communications Inc.