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VIDEO :: Brantley Gilbert Talks Green & Gold at Y100

by Paul Heling

A limited group of Y100 contest winners had the chance to sit in on a CD preview session with Brantley Gilbert at Y100 on February 11th.  The CD won't be out for a while so we can't share the songs, but we've got a whole lot of Brantley talking about Brantley in this video.   

It includes his love for The Packers, Clay Matthews, and the time Clay asked his then fiance (Jana Kramer) out.  Also a funny story about a Go Pack Go chant.

Note that the video is slightly NSFW.  Just a couple short bursts of language (s-word stuff).  Look for the marks below to find the Packers references:

  • 10:05 in the video - Clay Matthews asks his then fiance out

  • 10:42 in the video - Funny story of playing in Wisconsin.  He's wearing a Clay Matthews jersey and the crowd begins to chant Go Pack Go.  He thinks they are saying Go Back Home.

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