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Eddie Montgomery's Beloved Steakhouse Closes Its Doors Without Warning

by Vanessa Ryan

Eddie Montgomery of duo Montgomery Gentry abruptly closed his Steakhouse in Harrodsburg, Kentucky Sunday (5/5) without explanation.

The restaurant co-owned by Eddie and his ex-wife Tracy Nunan, was open for business as usual the Saturday before the closing and employees had no idea they'd be without a job the next day. 

Tracy posted the following message on the restaurant’s Facebook page :

“It's is with the utmost regret to announce the closing of Eddie Montgomery Steakhouse on Sunday, May 5, 2013. I'm sincerely sorry to all our employees. You all have supported EMS through this long difficult battle and even though it seems we've lost, we must look for our blessings.  I’m grateful for all the hard work you’ve done and will cherish all the memories made. I pray that everyone finds a new path and your journey is successful. I thank you all for your dedication and apologize for the lack of notice and ask for your understanding, as this was not within my control."

The restaurant opened in 2009, a year before Tracy filed for divorce from Eddie, reportedly serving him with papers as he dined at the steakhouse with their daughter.