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Dierks Bentley Opening a Brand New ULTIMATE Saloon!

by Vanessa Ryan

Dierks Bentley knows a thing or two about tippin' 'em on back, so what better business for him to open than a bar?

Dierks' Whiskey Row bar will open July 4th in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona.  The watering hole is said to be a 1920's style saloon and ultra modern country music mix.  Huh.  Not really sure what that means but it sure sounds interesting.  Some booths will have three beer taps and a liquor tap allowing patrons to pour their own drinks! It will also feature a 360 degree stage and a 24 foot TV with iPhone and USB charging stations right at the bar.

Opening a bar in his hometown has been a longtime dream of Dierks'. He says of his partners in the venture, "These guys have spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into really cool details that will make it the perfect place to watch a game or listen to music or just get a few drinks with friends. Iā€™m looking forward to helping break it in.ā€

I was checking out their food menu onlline, and it will be anything like the usual fried bar food...its gonna be pretty sweet gourmetish type yummies.  You can check it out too and make your reservations now, just go to DierksWhiskeyRow.com.