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Just a small wish from young cancer patients

by Charli McKenzie

The pizza was a response to their adorable message of "Send Pizza" written on their hospital room window. 

At the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, A little girl named Hazel Hammserley sent out a message that “Send Pizza Room 4112″ on her hospital room window, hoping for a delivery to cheer her up during the day of aggressive cancer treatments. What happened next was amazing.

People saw the message and then pizza deliveries began pouring in for little Hazel. She and her friends had so much pizza her mom actually had to request that people stop sending pizza. 

Hazel and her roommate enjoy piles of pizza the Internet users sent them. 

Hazel couldn't be happier... but now she has a little too much pizza than she knows what to do with. Sometimes, the Internet can be awesome.