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Bartenders..THIS is dead on ;)

by Charli McKenzie

1. We see you. Its my job to notice you; if you cant catch my eye, it is not because I just didnt see you. It is because I am busy serving other people.

2. Dont just start shouting out your drink order. Im in the middle of keeping another customers list of drinks in my head while adding them up, keeping an eye on the room, looking to see whos coming in the door, and more.

3. If we dont see you, its our fault, not yours. You shouldnt need to snap your fingers or yell to get my attention. If youre waiting for more than 10 minutes, you should try a different bar.

4. Try to be prepared. If youve been waiting to get to the bar, think about what you want to drink before you get to the front.

5. Were not psychics when it comes to your drink order. I am here to help you find the drink you want, but I am not a mind reader. You have to give me some guidance on your personal tastes.

6. For the love of God, please tip. If youre buying a beer or a simple mixed drink, a dollar per drink. For a real cocktail, go 20%.

7. Dont tell us to smile. Yes, Im a woman tending bar, but that doesnt mean my name is Sweetheart or that I owe you a plastered-on smile for the duration of my shift. 8. Unless youre a regular, dont ask for names. More often than not, people just want to yell out my name, while theres ten people ahead of them.

9. Those fruity shots are a major ripoff. Let me tell ya, your shot glass has one tear drop bit of alcohol in it. The rest is some sugary fruit juice.

10. If youre looking for a good deal, keep it simple. A neat whiskey or beer or wine is the best value for your money.

11. Be aware of the type of bar youre at. Take a look around and notice what kind of bar it is. If its not a fancy spot, be wary of asking for super fancy drinks.

12. If we have time, by all means, linger and chat. As long as were not slammed, I love for you to stay and talk. Also, if you treat me like a person youre hanging out with, rather than a service person, chances are a comped drink is coming your way soon.

13. Buying us a drink is nice, but cash is nicer. I like the gesture of you offering to buy me a shot when you and your friends are doing them, but Id much rather you tip well.

14. Stop implying that were too good for this job. The most annoying thing that customers sometimes imply is that I am too good to be working in the bar that Im at It ends up as a hard back-handed compliment, insulting my intelligence.

15. We hate having to cut you off, but we will. If your friend is too drunk, please do the right thing and encourage him to slow down or go home. We really dont like having to cut people off.

16. This job can be rough, but we love it. Bartenders learn on thejob, because each work situation is different. We make mistakes, but then we learn to think on our feet and have fun along the way.